91349 - Speech and Language Therapy in Swallowing Disorders II

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

Identify the appropriate arrangements for taking charge of adult with dysphagia (neurological disease and traumatic brain injury).

Course contents

The role of SLP in the assessment and treatment of adult patient with dysphagia.


  • "Deglutologia" Oskar Schindler, G. Ruoppolo, A.Schindler
  • "Tracheostomia e disfagia nel grave cerebroleso. Scegliere, valutare e riabilitare" C. Reverberi F. Lombardi
  • "Riabilitazione del cerebroleso disfagico" P. Cancialosi
  • "Linee guida sulla gestione del paziente disfagico adulto in foniatria e logopedia" Consensus Conference 29.01.2007
  • "ISO SPREAD. Ictus cerebrale: linee guida italiane di prevenzione e trattamento" VIII ed. 2016

Teaching methods

  • Lectures
  • Classroom exercises

Assessment methods

Final oral exam.

Teaching tools

  • Clinical cases
  • Educational videos

Office hours

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