90932 - Biomolecular Basis of Anatomical Pathology

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This teaching activity contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

Quality education

Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

Discuss the principal epidemiologic, morphologic, phenotypic, clinicopathologic features, and etiopathogenesis of common neoplastic and non neoplastic disorders, focusing on cardiovascular and neuromuscolar disorders. Describe the methods used to process and analyze tissue samples for diagnostic Anatomic Pathology, including histopathology and ultrastructural laboratory instrumentation and devices. Discuss innovative technologies for early diagnosis of disease, and for the identification of new molecular targets for tumor therapies.

Course contents

  • definition of Pathological Anatomy
  •  Methods and Techniques in Pathological Anatomy
  •  Tumor classification
  •  malignant Tumor of Thyroid
  •  SNC tumor classification
  •  Molecular aspects of SNC Tumor
  • Pathogenetic mechanism of ischemic myocardium disease
  • Neuromuscular disease: muscle pathology
  • Methods and techniques in muscle pathology diagnostics
  • Elementary lesions of glomerular diseases
  • Electron microscopy : Transmission and scanning electron microscopes
  • Protocols in sample preparation for ultrastructural diagnosis
  • Ultrastructural markers in Tumor diagnosis
  • Case study
  • Student working groups about main diagnostic issues

The Course is completed by 1 CFU of practical activity in the Laboratory at Laboratorio di Morfologia (FABIT). Specific muscle disease cases will be directly studied and analyzed at light microscopy  (30 microscopes are available) and discussed in student group and in a plenary session guided by both the teacher and  tutor




Kumar, Cotran, Robbins  "Basic Pathology", Saunders eds

Teaching methods

conventional lectures and student workig group

case study

practical laboratory activity (Laboratorio di Morfologia, FABIT)

Assessment methods

the student will be evaluated after oral examination about:

  1. general aspect of pathological Anatomy (techniques and methodology)
  2. specific pathology (morphological, Ultrastructural and molecular aspect of main human diseases)
  3. Discussion on ultrastructural micrograph.

Final vote is the media value obtained by  each question (1, 2 and 3) vote

Teaching tools

Ex -cathedra teaching, conventional

Student working Group about main diagnostic issues

Case study and plenary discussion

Office hours

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