30604 - Bibliographic research for the preparation of the degree thesis in the foreign language (1) (LM)

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the student reaches a good level of bibliographic, methodological and specific competence necessary for the writing of the thesis. The student reaches a basic awareness that guarantees him to face the chosen topic with due solidity.

Course contents

The bibliographic work offers the methodological assumptions of bibliographic research, through the examination of the main traditional and digital resources, with the aim of guiding students in the drafting of the bibliography for the final thesis.
The topics covered will be:

1. Bibliography: the document and documentary collections in the age of digital transformation; the repertorial bibliography.

2. Bibliographic research: how to identify and evaluate information resources such as bibliographical relists, catalogues, digital archives, encyclopedias, dictionaries, search engines, portals, databases, periodicals.

3. Bibliographical citation: how to use and cite the resources found (styles, editorial rules).

4. Special bibliographic research in literary disciplines: examination of sources in the Italian, European and international context, with particular reference to the research fields of students.


Manual book (one of your choice):

- M. SANTORO, Lezioni di bibliografia, Milano, Bibliografica, 2012;

- R. PENSATO, Manuale di bibliografia, Milano, Bibliografica, 2007;

- M.-H. PRÉVOTEAU - J.-C. UTARD, Manuel de bibliographie générale, Paris, Éd. du Cercle de la librairie, 2005.

Other recommended texts:

- A. BOULOGNE, Comment rédiger une bibliographie, [Paris], Nathan, 2002

- U. ECO, Come si fa una tesi di laurea, Milano, La nave di Teseo, 2017

- A. GRAFTON, La nota a piè di pagina, Milano, Sylvestre Bonnard, 2000

- T. MANN, The Oxford guide to library research, New York, Oxford university press, 2015

- A. MARCHITELLI, Orientarsi tra le informazioni in biblioteca, Milano, Bibliografica, 2015

- F. METITIERI, R. RIDI, Biblioteche in rete, Roma, Laterza, 2007 (https://www.laterza.it/bibliotecheinrete/ )

- F. NESTLER, Einführung in die Bibliographie, Stuttgart, A. Hiersemann, 2005

- C. REVELLI, Citazione bibliografica, Roma, Associazione italiana biblioteche, 2010

- Ricerche bibliografiche, Milano, Apogeo, 2011

- M. SANTORO, A. ORLANDI, Avviamento alla bibliografia, Milano, Bibliografica, 2007

- F. VENUDA, La citazione bibliografica nei percorsi di ricerca, Milano, Unicopli, 2012

Teaching methods

On line and class lectures and exercises, according to the restrictions to the Covid-19 emergency.

Erasmus Mundus CLE students are supposed to complete their bibliographic research work before the end of the first year, or before their departure to the other affiliated locations.

Assessment methods

At the end of the course the student will discuss the bibliographic note that he has prepared and will answer two questions related to the manual texts in the program.

Teaching tools

IT tools and online resources will be used.

Office hours

See the website of Chiara Reatti