84478 - Odontostomatology

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Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

Describe the clinical manifestations, etiology, epidemiology, risk factor, natural history, diagnosis, staging prognostic indicators and management of the major disorders of the oral cavity, with emphasis on those most commonly encountered in the clinical practice. Identify the major diagnostic and therapeutic options for each encountered clinical scenario, and discuss their benefits and limitations. Summarize decision-making algorithms for a correct differential diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment choice. Present and critically analyze clinical cases, discuss the differential diagnosis, and formulate appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for each case (Problem-Based Learning).

Course contents

Oral Disease

Caries and hypoplasia. Erosion. Pain in oral mouth. Microbiology of Oral disease. Candida Albicans.

ATM diseases. Malocclusion.

Periodontal  and periapical disease. Apical granuloma. Abscess and infection in the oral mouth. Microbiology of endodontic lesions and periodontal lesions.

Lichen. Penfigo. Immunological disease.

Cancer and pre-cancer lesions


Dentin hypersensitivity

Viral lesions.



Book from Montebugnoli L.

Teaching methods

Test with answer. Written test.

Assessment methods

Being an integrated course, the exam includes a test for each of the 7 modules: all the tests must be carried out and passed in the same appeal; the insufficiency of a single test leads to the repetition of the entire exam in one of the subsequent appeals.

With regard to the method of the exam, not being able to foresee the evolution of the COVID pandemic and considering that many students are not residents of Bologna, it will take place on the date established, at the same time, both in presence and by distance, with a written test. The student can choose which of the two tests to enroll in Alma Esami. To establish the final mark, since each of the 7 modules has 1 CFU, the sum of the individual votes will be made and the mark will be defined in thirtieths with a mathematical equation. Praise will be given if all 7 individual tests are error-free.

The student will receive the mark on Alma Esami; it will be reported by e-mail and the student can possibly refuse the vote within 48 hours by communicating it by email to Prof. Ferri; otherwise it will be tacitly accepted and will then be recorded.

Office hours

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