84034 - Business Valuation and Business Combination

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, students know

- the conceptual framework of Business Valuation in Italian Accounting Models and the main methods used by the best practice

 - merger and acquisition operations according to the Italian civil law and the Italian fiscal law.

Course contents

Part 1 Business Valuation

Introduction to Italian Approach to Business Valuation vs International Appraising Models

Equity Book value vs Equity Economic Value in Italian Accounting Literature

Classical  Approaches to Equity Economic Value in Italian Accountn Literature

      Adjusted Book Value Methods

     Discounted future Earnings Methods

      Discounted Cash Flow Methods

        Ibrid Mthos

        Empirical Methods (rules of Thumb)


Part 2 Business Combination

Merger and acquisition operations according to the Italian civil law and the Italian fiscal law.




Ieacher's slides on VIRTUALE

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Teacher's slides onVIRTUALE

Savioli G., Le operazioni gestione straordinaria, Giuffrè, Milano, 2020

Caratozzolo M., I bilanci straordinari, Giuffrè, Milano, 2009

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Teaching methods

frontal lessons

Assessment methods

Written exam consisting of exercises and

The exam will be available on the platform "EOL".All the enrolled students must have their own laptops in order to take the exam. The exam test must then be uploaded on the platform mentioned above by the candidate.

Teaching tools

Slides and other on VIRTUALE

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