72953 - Principles Of Computer Graphics M

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Academic Year 2021/2022

Course contents

Raster-scan systems, I/O devices, graphics libraries, event-driven programming. 3D mesh and graphics representation. 2D/3D geometric transformations, viewing transformations, perspective and parallel projections, window-viewport transformations. Graphics pipeline. Real-time rendering, algorithms with hidden parts removal (hidden lines and hidden surfaces), illumination models and shading algorithms (Z-buffer), texture mapping. 3D polygonal models, curves and surfaces in parametric form, geometric modeling with spline and rational spline (NURBS) curves and surfaces, geometric modeling tools. The course provides a practical part where JavaScript programming language and WebGL/GLSL (C/C++ programming language and OpenGL/GLSL) graphics libraries will be used.


Texts to consult:

1.Peter Shirley, Fundamentals of Computer Graphics, AK Peters (2005)
2.Samuel R. Buss, Computer Graphics: A mathematical introduction with OpenGL, Cambridge University Press (2003);
3.Max K. Agoston, Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling: Implementation and Algorithms, Springer (2004).

Teaching methods

Frontal lessons in class;


Demo in class of software packages;


Assessment methods

The verification of learning takes place through the development of a project assigned in the last weeks of the course and which consists in the creation of an interactive-graphic 3D web application (for example a 3D video game).In carrying out this project, the student must use all the knowledge acquired during the course. The delivery of the project must be accompanied by a report (such as tutorials) in html language. The oral examination consists of exposing the project and in being able to discuss topics covered during the course.

Teaching tools

Web page of the course;

Teacher's pantries;

Slide presentation;

Software distribution for practice;

Demo in class of software packages;

Video-projections, blackboard, PC.

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