28371 - Semiotic Interpretation (1) (LM)

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This teaching activity contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

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Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

The student will become acquainted with an advanced competence on the theoretical and methodological features of interpretative semiotics and will get ability to verify the effectiveness of this approach in the analysis of texts and languages.

Course contents

Enunciation and the subjectivity inside the language

This year's classes are dedicated to the construction of a semiotic theory of enunciation and subjectivity updated to the contemporary debate in semiotics, linguistics and philosophy of language (2021).


C. Paolucci, Strutturalismo e interpretazione, Milano, Bompiani, only chapter 1.

Per la parte sull'enunciazione e la soggettività nel linguaggio:

P. Fabbri e G. Marrone, Semiotica in nuce 2, Roma, Meltemi (only these four papers: 1) E. Benveniste, La soggettività nel linguaggio, 2) A.J. Greimas e J. Courtés, Débrayage ed embrayage; 3) J.C. Coquet, Istanze enunciative e modalità; 4) B. Latour, Piccola filosofia dell'enunciazione).

- C. Paolucci, Persona. Soggettività nel linguaggio e semiotica dell'enunciazione, Milano, Bompiani

- C. Metz, L'enunciazione impersonale, Roma, Edizioni scientifiche italiane

Teaching methods

Classes by the teacher and seminars together with the students

Assessment methods

Oral questions about the texts and the books listed above

Teaching tools

Digital and audio-visual supports

Office hours

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