12078 - Sociology of Deviance

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Academic Year 2021/2022

Course contents

The course aims to offer an overview on the main theories and research in the field of deviance and criminal phenomena; on literature and empirical studies concerning total institutions, the social construction of deviance and stigma. Students are expected to acquire general skills on actors and determinants of social change in the contemporary societies; to understand the links between different dimensions of change and to recognize the dynamics of exclusion and discrimination behind them; to competently identify phenomena of deviance and social change; to collect and analyze data and evaluate intervention programs in these fields.


Sociology of deviance:

  • Prina, F., Devianza e criminalità. Concetti, metodi di ricerca, cause, politiche, Carocci, 2019.
  • Power point presentations, papers, articles available, since December 2021, on the website https://virtuale.unibo.it/ (mandatory for attending and non attending students)

Sociology of social change

  • Mangone E., Ieracitano F., Russo G. (2020), Processi culturali e mutamento sociale. Prospettive sociologiche, Carocci, Roma (solo parte II e III, pagg. 117-234)

  • Mangone E. (2021), Incertezza, futuro, narrazione, Fisciano, Italy, NaSC Free Press (solo parte 2, pagg. 87-150) Il volume è in OA (scaricabile gratis)

Teaching methods

Face-to-face lessons based of presentations of slides and multimedial texts

Assessment methods

Written examination (1 hour; test with both closed and open ended questions)

Teaching tools

Slides in Power Point; texts; audiovisual documents

Office hours

See the website of Dario Tuorto