39339 - Health Care Management & Organisational Models (BO1)

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Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

At the end of the module the student knows the main models of nursing care delivery in the different care contexts. You identify the main skills of the other members of the treating team and relate them to your own. Identify the organizational principles of continuity of care, roles and the system of responsibilities using the clinical governance approach.

Course contents

Management nursing. Organization concept. Systemic approach and analytical approach. Input and output. Static and dynamic organizations. Elements of the organization: - The organizational structure. - The operational mechanisms. - Social processes. The health context and hints of legislation. Healthcare companies: - USL companies (Hospital, Districts, Departments) - the hospital-university units (Departments and Operational Units) ORGANIZATIONS. Healthcare figures The General Management, the Nursing Service, the support figures. The Continuing Medical Education System. Ongoing and On-going Formation The model of competences The skill levels. Reception and integration of newly hired staff. Organizational models: technical and professional; (functional, Team / Sectors, primary nurse, case management, complexity, critical care) Clinical governance: The integrative tools: guidelines, procedures, protocols and work plans. Clinical-assistance pathways Health documentation: responsibility, compilation and keeping rules The computerized documentation Evaluation and promotion of the quality of health care. Accreditation and certification. Risk Management in Healthcare Companies Notes on safety in health care organizations


F. Marra - Le funzioni di coordinamento delle professioni sanitarie - Ed Franco Angeli
A. Destrebecq, P.Ferrara, S Terzoni - Management infermieristico - Carocci Faber

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