09094 - Pig Production

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2021/2022

Course contents

National economy and importance of pig production

Breeds and hybrids of pig

Sow rearing (management of gestating and lactating sows, management of gilts)

Piglets rearing

Boar rearing

Meat production (pigs for slaughter categories and grading; manangement of growing and fattening pigs)

Organic and “plain-air” rearing of pigs


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Teaching methods

Practical work at training facilities  of the Faculty

Assessment methods

The final grade of the course "Animal Production II" consists of the synthesis of the final evaluations of the different teachings course.

The evaluation of the student on teaching course "Pig Production" consists of a written and / or oral examination.

· Written examination

18 Multiple Choice Questions max 20 points

For each question, several possible answer choices will be listed. The student select the choice that best answers the question

3 Short answer questions max 12 points

In a short answer question the student given a brief description of issue

· Oral examination

the oral examination is compulsory for students who have not taken the written exam.

Teaching tools


feeding software

Office hours

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