42394 - Internship 2 (IM)

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This teaching activity contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

Good health and well-being

Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

The student at the end of the internship period has knowledge and skills that allow him to apply, under the guidance of the tutor or independently, the physiotherapy process. It identifies the needs of the person in the different phases of life, through an evaluation of the clinical data that consider the motor, psychomotor, cognitive and functional modifications. Using clinical reasoning, he is able to collect clinical data by producing organic, complete and appropriately drafted forms. Can assess people affected by the main pathologies proposed by the course of study and set the treatment plan, identifying general and specific objectives, know how to perform some of the main physiotherapy treatment maneuvers. Can assess the responses to physiotherapy intervention, recording the changes during and at the end of the same. Acts in a manner consistent with ethical, deontological and disciplinary principles. It recognizes and respects the role and skills of the other care team operators and establishes collaborative relationships. Knows how to manage the relationship with family members of the person who needs help to improve health, knows how to promote the actions necessary to overcome the disability, the removal of architectural barriers, the promotion of mobility in relation to health status.

Course contents

The program includes an internship aimed at acquiring the skills related to physiotherapy in the neurological, geriatric and pediatric fields.

To attend TIROCINIO 2 you must have passed TIROCINIO 1

Teaching methods

Each internship is preceded by a briefing, in which the general and specific objectives are transcribed in a Contract, diversified for each reality.

The internship includes a period of support with a 1: 1 internship tutor

At the end of the internship, both the first and second semester, debriefings are organized in which the experiences are shared from the professional and personal point of view

Assessment methods

Eligibility exam at the end of the second semester and passing of all the internship experiences planned for the course year.

Teaching tools

Internships programmed in the affiliated facilities.

Office hours

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