39264 - Evolution and Structure of Nursing Studies (FO)

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This teaching activity contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

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Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

At the end of the module the student knows the epistemological aspects of the nursing discipline, the main models and theories of care, the tools and disciplinary application methods. He / she knows the evolution of the professionalization process, the ethical deontological and legislative aspects relevant to the professional exercise and the purpose and organization of the National Health

Course contents

From the concept of assistance to the concept of nursing care Birth and evolution of the nursing figure Florance Nightingale: work, thought and influences on the professionalization process The concept of profession The professionalization process of the nurse: the evolution of training and legislation role and functions of the nurse Nursing culture: professional associations. From the Professional College to the Professional Order nurses: purpose and structure. The National Federation of Professional Orders. Ethical and deontological principles Fundamentals of epistemology of nursing discipline Nursing discipline: conceptual structure and syntactic structure Models, theories and concepts. The metaparadigma of nursing discipline. Contents and analysis of some theoretical models: V.Hederson, D. Orem, M. Cantarelli, M. Leininger, M.Gordon, LJ Carpenito The method of nursing discipline: the scientific method, the problem solving, the assistance process. The phases of the assistance process: methods and tools Nursing diagnostic taxonomies Information and operative tools in nursing assistance Hints on the NHS: principles, aims and structures. Legislative decrees 502/92, 517/92 e Priority health problems and health planning


Essential bibliography:                                                      Motta P.C., Introduction to the nursing sciences, Carrocci Faber, 2002                                                                               Wilkinson J.M, Nursing Process and Critical Thinking, CEA 3rd edition 2013                                                                      IPASVI Colleges Regione Emilia Romagna Autonomy, competence and nursing responsibility                                                     In-depth texts:                                                                   E. Manzoni, The roots and the leaves, CEA, 2016                  George J.B Nursing theories, UTET Torino.                              D.F. Manara, The epistemological framework of nursing discipline, 2004                                                                         Carpenito L-J. Nursing diagnosis applied to nursing practice, CEA 6th edition Milan 2015

Teaching methods

Interactive lectures, discussions, cases

Assessment methods

oral exam in conjunction with the applied nursing methodology module.

Teaching tools

PC, videoprojector, flip chart, paper material

Office hours

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