00061 - Biochemistry

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2021/2022

Course contents

  • The chemical foundations of biochemistry. Water.
  • Amino acids, peptides and proteins. Hemoglobin. 
  • Enzymes and their regulation. Coenzymes and vitamines.
  • Bioenergetics and role of ATP. Catabolism and anabolism.
  • Structure and digestion of carbohydrates. Blood glucose and its regulation. Overview of carbohydrate metabolism. Glycogen synthesis and glycogenolysis. Glycolysis and glucogenesis.
  • Pyruvate oxidation and citric acid cycle (TCA cycle). Respiratory chain and oxidative phosphorylation.
  • Overview of lipid metabolism. Fatty acids. Structure and digestion of lipids. Plasma Lipoproteins. Lipolysis and lipogenesis. beta-oxidation of fatty acids. Ketone bodies. Cholesterol.
  • Metabolism of nitrogen compouds. Digestion of proteins. Overview of amino acid metabolism. Fate of carbon skeleton and amino group of aminoacids. Urea cycle. Gluconeogenesis. Biogenic amines. 
  • Metabolic interrelations and role of tissues.
  • Signal trnsduction. Nuclear and membrane receptors.
  • Main hormones regulating metabolism: glucagon, insulin, catecholamines, glucocorticoids.
  • Biochemistry of bone and cartilage. Collagen, glycosaminoglycans. Regulation of blood calcium.

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