09127 - Radioprotection

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This teaching activity contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

Quality education Affordable and clean energy

Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

The student has, at the end of the module, knowledge and  competence, related to the field of diagnostic imaging and medical radiobiology, with emphasis on radiation protection.

Course contents

Electromagnetic radiation

Ionizing radiation

Atomic models


Radiation interaction with matter


Radioactive decay

Nuclear accidents

National emergency plan

Use of radiation in medicine


Nuclear medicine

Radiotherapy and Metabolic

Definition of risk

Biological effects

Radio-protectionist quantities and dosimetry

Absorbed equivalent and effective dose

Weighting factors shields

Exposure to the natural background

Regulations and legislative decrees

Detrimental to health and LDR

Biological effects of radiation

Deterministic and stochastic effects

Thresholds for deterministic effects


Classification workers and access areas

Time factors, distance and shielding

Devices for radiation protection

Dose distribution examples

Non Ionizing radiation: MRI


•Fondamenti fisici della radioprotezione (M.Pelliccioni)

•Elementi di radioprotezione (C.Polvani)

•Fondamenti di dosimetria delle radiazioni ionizzanti (R.Laitano)

•ICRP 57-60-82-103-118

•NCRP 147


•ICNIRP 2020

•Piano Nazionale gestione emergenze radiologiche e nucleari (2022)

Teaching methods

lectures (presentations ppt)

interactive sessions (discussions and questions)

remote lessons in online mode

Assessment methods

Written test of about ten multiple choice questions; it's a part of the examination Public Health Sciences (C.I.)

Teaching tools

Presentations in pdf format (part I and II) available at the end of the course Radiation Protection on the Almaweb website

Bibliographical references

Office hours

See the website of Emma Fabbri