54810 - Clinical Odontostomatology 2

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

the students will be able to recognize and treat patients wih sistemic diseases at risk of emergency

Course contents

dental treatment in patients with sistemic diseases


Montebugnoli Lucio: Patologia e Medicina Orale ed Martina 2009

Teaching methods

taught lessons finalized to get 4 cfu

Assessment methods

the final examination consists in an oral examination aimed to evaluate the ability to:

-identify the "true" patient at risk of emergency during a dental treatment

-apply the correct procedures to prevent the Emergency in patients with systemic diseases

-treat the principal emergencies during a dental treatment

Teaching tools

all slides presented during the course are supplied to the students

Office hours

See the website of Lucio Montebugnoli

See the website of Davide Bartolomeo Gissi