91108 - Principles of Corporate Finance

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2020/2021

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the student is expected to acquire the following knowledges: - the relationship between risk and return; - the time value of money; - the main techniques used in capital budgeting; - the main techniques used in the cost of capital assessment; - the main financial policies regarding paying dividends.

Course contents

1. The key concepts in corporate finance

2. Introduction to financial statements

3. Investment appraisal methods

4. Cost of capital and capital structure

5. Mergers and Acquisitions


Essential text: Corporate Finance: Principles and Practice. Watson D. and Head A., 8th ed. Pearson (Intl), 2019. (The 7th – or earlier – edition is fine and can be obtained more cheaply).

Supplementary text: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 10th Edition By Richard A Brealey, Stewart C Myers, Alan J. Marcus, 2019

Teaching methods

Lectures, tutorials and group work

Assessment methods

Group assignments and written examination

Teaching tools

Slide set, lecture handouts

Office hours

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