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Academic Year 2020/2021

Learning outcomes

At the end of this course the student will learn advanced tools of relativistic quantum field theory and general relativity, with applications to: the gauge theories of the electro-weak and strong interactions; quantum field theory in curved space-times and Hawking radiation in black holes.

Course contents

Part I : Advanced Quantum Field Theory (F. Bastianelli)

Quantization of non-abelian gauge theories.

Fadeev-Popov method and BRST symmetry.

Beta function at one-loop.

Chiral gauge theories and anomalies.

Background field method.

Scattering in quantum chromodynamics.

Wilson loops and confinement.


Part II : Quantum Field in Curved Space and Black Holes (R. Balbinot)

Quantization in curved space time

Bogoliubov transformation

Quantum fields in Schwarzshild space time

Hawking effect

Vacuum states in Schwarzshild space time

Unruh effect


Part I :

M.A. Srednicki, "Quantum Field Theory" (CUP, 2007)

Part II :

N.D. Birrel and P.C.W. Davies : Quantum Fields in Curved Space ( Cambridge University Press)

A. Fabbri and J. Navarro Salas : Modeling Black Hole Evaporation ( Imperial College Press )

Teaching methods


Assessment methods

Oral examination

Office hours

See the website of Roberto Balbinot

See the website of Fiorenzo Bastianelli