75915 - Seminar in Economic Policy

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Academic Year 2020/2021

Learning outcomes

The seminar aims to provide students with the fundamental theoretical and empirical tools to understand the motivations and effects of monetary and fiscal policies in a context of interdependence between countries.

At the end of the seminar students will be able to:

  • analyze the advantages and disadvantages of monetary unions from a theoretical point of view.
  • analyze and discuss the empirical studies of the macroeconomic effects of monetary unions on individual countries.

Course contents

  • The theory of optimal currency areas
  • The ECB and the monetary policy of the euro area, fiscal policies
  • Econometric studies of the macroeconomic effects of the euro on the euro area member states


P. De Grauwe “Economia dell’unione monetaria”, 2018, 11a edizione, Il Mulino.

Further details on the research articles covered in class will be given during lectures and published on the lecturer's web site.

Teaching methods

Lectures in class.

Assessment methods

All students will be asked to submit a short dissertation on one of the topics covered in class or previously agreed with the lecturer. Further details will be given the first day of the course and on Virtuale. 





Teaching tools


Office hours

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