23276 - General Pathology and Immunology

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2020/2021


G.M. Pontieri, Elementi di patologia generale, 2012 (III edizione), Piccin
G.M. Pontieri, Elementi di fisiopatologia generale, 2012 (III edizione), Piccin

M. Parola, Patologia Generale, 2012 (II edizione), EdiSES

Teaching methods

Frontal lectures with ppt slides. Due to the Covid-19 pandemics, it is possible to follow the classes online with the Teams platform.

Assessment methods

The examination is unique for the Integrated Course of Pathological Sciences, it is in written form and consists of multiple-choice quizzes. Due to the Covid-19 pandemics the exams will be held online with the Zoom platform until new provisions. For more details please refer to the web page of Prof. Pasquinelli and Motola.

Teaching tools

Slide packages by Prof. Luigi Barbieri and Enrico Strocchi (http://amsacta.unibo.it/3941/)

Office hours

See the website of Stefano Salvioli