03313 - Vascular Surgery

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2020/2021

Learning outcomes

-         basic physiopathologic topics on the peripheral atherosclerotic disease

-         basic physiopathologic topics on the chronic venous insufficiency and on the thrombo-embolic disease

-         arterial and venous peripheral surgical clinical aspects

-         diagnostic imaging methods in peripheral arterial and venous diseases

-         surgical and endovascular treatment options regarding the peripheral arterial end venous disease

Course contents

-         basic topics and surgical aspects on the peripheral atherosclerotic disease


-         Abdominal aortic aneurysms


-         Peripheral chronic occlusive disease of the legs


-         Acute ischemia of the legs and arms


-         Cerebro-vascular insuffiency


-         Chronic venous insufficiency


-         Therapeutic topics on the venous thrombo-embolism


Not specific text books are required. Updated didactic files are available

Teaching methods

Frontal teaching

Assessment methods

Written examination by multiple-choice quizzes

Teaching tools

Power Point slides

Office hours

See the website of Gianluca Faggioli