42437 - Social Dynamics and Learning

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2020/2021

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the student:
-knows the most relevant theories of teaching and learning
- knows theories about the social judgment in school context
- knows the caracteristics of specific process in school context: teaching, learning and evaluation
- is able to master the relationship between theories, methodologies and tools
- is able to understand the practical implications arising from the correct use of assessment instruments.

Course contents

The contents of the module are the following:

- process of developing /learning in the everyday life context

- process of developing/learning in the educational context

- process of interaction in formal/informal context


Selleri P., Carugati F. (2020). Introduzione alla psicologia dell'educazione. Bologna, il Mulino ( capp. 5-6-7-8).

Selleri P., Romagnoli S. 8 2019). In Classe. Costruire il benessere a scuola, Roma, Carocci.

Others papers will be suggested during the course

Teaching methods

- lessons in classroom

- group activities

- seminars

Assessment methods

5 open questions

TIME: 2 hours and 30 minuts

Teaching tools

During the course will be disussed:

-video clips


-supplementary seminaries

-resources online

Links to further information


Office hours

See the website of Patrizia Selleri