27928 - Laboratory (1) (LM) (G.C)

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Academic Year 2019/2020

Learning outcomes

At the end of the workshop, students acquires skills in the practical application of the capabilities developed during the courses, enabling themselves to interact effectively within professional activities in the field of the production and dissemination of live performance activities.

Course contents

Re-reading and Re-writing Opera 

The workshop will focus on a concrete experience of re-writing a traditional operatic text: Giuseppe Verdi's Il trovatore.

The following thematic issues will be addressed:

  • Storytelling and rewriting: the narration of a story and the reworking of the narration
  • Dramaturgy of sound: the construction of a narrative structure through the management of the expressive arches of the score
  • The expressive architecture of the text
  • Structural relations between text and score: the example of Giuseppe Verdi's Il trovatore
  • Structural polyphony: the construction of a multidimensional architecture, the verbal story and the sound story
  • Expressive polyphony: the relationships between the expressive tension curves of the verbal story and of the sound narration


Specific biographical items will be provided during the meetings. Some useful readings:

- I. Calvino, Sulla fiaba, Milan, Mondadori, 1988 (and subsequent editions)

- I. Calvino, L’Orlando furioso di Ludovico Ariosto, Milan, Mondadori, 2016

- B. Chatwin, Anatomia dell’irrequietezza, Milan, Adelphi, 2015

- S. Settis, Futuro del classico, Turin, Einaudi, 2004

- I. Stravinskij, Poetica della musica, Pordenone, Studio Tesi, 1984 (and subsequent editions)

Teaching methods

Laboratory lessons and practical exercises.

Assessment methods

The learning will be verified during the lessons, in dialogical and collective form.

Teaching tools


Office hours

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