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Academic Year 2019/2020

Learning outcomes

Understand the educational and educational usefulness of the writing workshop, trying it for yourself.


Course contents

The laboratory proposes an approach to writing linked to the proposals of Elisabeth Bing contained in her book "... I swam to the line". A path of "liberation of writing" that will take place in the form of atelier: playful and autobiographical writings, the more simple and experimentable as much as "forced" in a definite delivery, starting from stimulus texts of expert writers. A journey to the re-discovery of one's own writing and, at the same time, a precious store of educational tools to be used at school. To ensure that the pleasure of writing accompanies the discovery of writing from the very beginnig.


MIUR (2012), Indicazioni nazionali per il curricolo della scuola dell’infanzia e del primo ciclo d’istruzione

Elisabeth Bing, Ho nuotato fino alla riga, Feltrinelli 1978 (out of catalog)

Chiantera, Cocever, Giunta, Il laboratorio di scrittura a scuola-percorsi didattici per la primaria, Carocci, 2017

Chiantera/Cocever (a cura di), Scrivere l'esperienza in educazione, CLUEB, 1996

Useful tools to animate writing ateliers (suggestions):

Brugnolo/Mozzi, Ricettario di scrittura creativa, Zanichelli, 2000

E. Zamponi, I draghi locopei, Einaudi, 1986-2007

Zamponi, Piumini, Calicanto-la poesia in gioco, Einaudi, 1997

K.Koch, Desideri, sogni, bugie, Emme edizioni, 1980 (out of catalog)

Teaching methods

The laboratory is based on the experience of E. Bing and reproduces the method.

The course includes some introductory lectures and the collective analysis of the texts produced in the atelier from the point of view of adherence to delivery and educational and didactical usability.

Assessment methods

The following aspects will be considered for the purposes of the final evaluation:

  • students’ participation and cooperation in the proposed activities;
  • students’ reflective capacity (relevance of content; extent and depth of concepts and of conceptual links) demonstrated in a final report (max. 2/3 pages long) discussing the conceptual and operational links identified between the workshop and the National guidelines for the curriculum (Italian Ministry of Education, 2012);
  • students’ ability to write in a clear and articulated manner.

The final evaluation will consist of four grades:

+1 (very good)

0 (good)

- 1 (sufficient)

Fail (workshop needs to be repeated again).

Teaching tools

Selected stimulus texts  

Books available for consultation.

Office hours

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