27276 - Laboratory (1) (Arch.)

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Academic Year 2019/2020

Learning outcomes

At the end of the workshop students will able to formulate a research path by collecting, selecting and organizing data and document information thanks to the specific tools acquired during the learning activity; they will be able to analyse in critical way documentary, material, iconographic sources in a diachronic perspective. They will able to write a short text autonomously. They will have achieved methodological rigour, and they will be accurate and precise.

Course contents

The archeology laboratory includes a classroom activity (= 2 credits), preparatory to the excavation, and a field activity (= 4 credits) in one of the archaeological sites organized by the Department.

Classroom lectures are held by laboratory technicians and address all aspects of an archaeological excavation, from preventive activities (geophysical surveys and remote sensing), to excavation and survey techniques, to the study of materials and findings.

It is necessary to register for the laboratory and the dates and times of the lessons are indicated on the website of the Department-Sezione di Archeologia.

The excavation activity, corresponding to a two-week shift, can be carried out in one of the archaeological sites chosen by the student and according to the specific interest (prehistory, classical area, late antiquity and medieval or oriental archaeology). To participate in the excavation, it is necessary to apply when excavation notices are published on the website of the archeology section. It is also necessary to have followed the course of safety on site (information and calendar on the site of the Disci-archeology section) and to have the certificate of physical fitness issued by the competent office of the University.


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Teaching methods

The archeology laboratory provides lectures and practical experience on an archaeological site.

Assessment methods

the laboratory does not provide a final test.
Attendance at lessons is mandatory.

Office hours

See the website of Elisabetta Govi