87128 - Composite Materials and Technology M

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2019/2020

Learning outcomes

Knowledge of properties, application and manufacturing technology of main composite materials. Comprehension of the mechanisms which allow to obtain particular properties on the basis of material components and their architecture.

Course contents

General characteristics of composite materials.

Structure, properties and manufacturing technologies of metal, ceramic and polymer matrix.

Structure, properties and manufacturing technologies of the main particles and fibres used in composites. Natural fibres and sustainable composites.

Microstructure of composite materials. Interfaces and their effects on the properties of composites. Concepts on mechanics of anisotropic materials. Lamina and laminates. Models for the estimation of the properties of thin laminates, based on the properties of matrix and filler.

Main fabrication processes, properties, design concepts and applications of composite materials.

Measurement of chemical-physical and mechanical properties of composites. Tests and Standards.

Recycling and sustainability of composite materials.


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International Tests and Standards on measurement of the main properties of composite materials.

Assessment methods

Written examination.

Students must answer to three questions on the course contents. For each question, a maximum of 10 points can be obtained. A global score of at least 18 points must be achieved to pass the exam. The time available for the test is 45 minutes.

Teaching tools

Notes on the subjects of the course will be provided through [https://iol.unibo.it/] and [http://campus.unibo.it/] websites.

Office hours

See the website of Antonio Motori