17243 - Communications Laboratory

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2019/2020

Learning outcomes

Business communication has the task of forging the company image and fostering approval with the various public bodies of reference. The purpose of the lab-based activity is to provide participants with the main elements for understanding business communication, the mass media system, and the techniques and instruments of communication: including public relations, advertising, promotion, events and sponsorships. The laboratory work will also include practical activity using a video camera and involving public speaking, with the aim of providing students with the necessary means for developing their communicative skills and improving their relational skills when addressing the public.

Course contents

- The process of communication

- Business communication

- Internal and external communication

- Institutional communication and product communication

- Public relations

- The role of the press office

- Events, conferences and sponsorships

- Institutional relations

- Advertising and promotional offers

- Mass communication

- Traditional means of communication (printed press, radio, television, posters)

- Internet and the new media

- Integrated communication

- Economic and social communication as a profession


1) M. BALDINI, Storia della comunicazione, Newton & Compton, Roma 2003

 2) M.MONTERICCIO, L'immagine dell'azienda, Come si analizza, come si valuta ... Franco Angeli, Milano 2006  

3) G. FABRIS, La comunicazione d'impresa, Sperling & Kupfer 2003

Teaching methods

Lectures and practical lessons with the use of the video camera

Assessment methods

A pass/fail exam will be held at the end of the course

Teaching tools

PC, video projector, video camera

Office hours

See the website of Giovanni Primo Quagliano