79221 - Statistics I

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Academic Year 2019/2020

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course module the student should know the basic themes of statistics either from a methodological and an applied perspective. In particular, the student should be able to: - summarize statistical data using distributions and graphs - select and compute the most appropriate summary statistics (mean values and variability measures) - measure the strength of the association between two characters observed on the same set of units.

Course contents

During the course the following topics will be addressed 

·  Statistical units and variables

·  The concept of natural variation

·  Quantitative and qualitative data

·  Observed and relative frequencies

·  Statistical distributions

·  Mean values (mode, median, quantiles, arithmetic, harmonic, geometric, quadratic mean)

·   Variability measures (range, interquartile range, deviance, variance, standard deviation, coefficient of variability, Gini's ratio)

·  Graphical representations of data

·  Relationship between two characters

·   measure of independence and its standardized forms

·  Simple linear regression and correlation; R2


Handnotes on IOL

Making sense of data through statistics, Dorit Nevo, Legerity press

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Assessment methods

Written exam

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