78079 - Methodology of Musical Analysis (1) (LM)

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Academic Year 2019/2020

Course contents

Paul Hindemith's neotonal polyphony

The course will examine the analytical problems raising behind the music of Paul Hindemith (1886-1963) - his innovation of tonality and theoretical interpretation, given by the composer himself, of his own work.


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Bibliographical integrations are possible during the course.

Assessment methods

(1) Written test. Harmonic and contrapuntal analysis of a piece by Hindemith (or an author of similar neotonal style) assigned by the teacher the same day of the exam. Allowed time: 3 hours. It is allowed to hear the assigned piece during the test, by means of earphones.

(2) Oral test. Discussion on the analysis above mentioned; questions on the essays in bibliography.

Office hours

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