09736 - Sports Law

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2019/2020

Learning outcomes

The students who will be on academic year 2019 - 2020 registered on V (fifth) year or on a precedent year, will be allowed to insert Sport law in their schedule following the normal process on line. At the end of the course, the student will know sport legal definition, sport legal system and sport major organizations and subjects. The student will also know the major sport contracts. The student will know sport liability in tort law, sport justice and doping.

Course contents

Sport legal definition.

Sport legal system and subjects.

Work contract of professional and amateur athlet.

The sport agent.

Sponsoring and image exploitation contract.


TV rights cession.

Sport liability in tort law.

Sport liability esonerating cause.

Athlet's liability:

- in necessary contact sports: boxe, rugby, hockey, american football;

- in potential contact sports: soccer, basket, volleyball;

- in dangerous sports; motor races, bike races, ski and snow sports, equitation, fencing, hunting;

- in minimum risk sports: tennis, squash, athletics;

- in special contexts: sport training, amateur competitions, children games.

The liability of sport events organizer, of C.O.N.I., of sport Federations.

Sport facilities manager liability.

Teacher and choache liability.

Sport medical doctor liability.

Referee's liability.

Sport justice.



Attending students will study the following book:

Margherita Pittalis, Sport e diritto. L'attività sportiva fra performance e vita quotidiana, Milano, Wolters Kluwer-Cedam, 2019: the Preface and specific chapters of the lesson program are necessary to be studied; otherwise some different chapters will be chosen by only attending students, as it is specified below, regarding the methods of examination.

Attending students, in order to understanding better the topics, will have at their disposal also the contractual forms and cases explained during the lessons (available in section “materiale didattico” on the Professor website Alma DL).

Non attending students will study the following book:

Margherita Pittalis, Sport e diritto. L'attività sportiva fra performance e vita quotidiana, Milano, Wolters Kluwer-Cedam, 2019, mandatory in full, including the Preface to the text. There will be not demand to be chosen by the non attending students.

Teaching methods

Lessons will be entirely taught by Prof. Margherita Pittalis.

The Professor will explain the most relevant topics, with comments on the contracts forms and cases, and sometimes, if possible, inviting sport operators.

Assessment methods

Lesson will be taught in the first semester.

The examination will be oral.

For students that will satisfy the attendance requirements will be possible to take the exam in all sessions from January 2020.

Students are allowed to take the Sports Law examination only after having taken Private Law and Public Law.

Only attending students will have the chance to choose the first demand, among the chapters 1, 12, 13, which will be referred to the student's choice. All the remaining chapters will be mandatory. Also Preface and paragraphs 1 and 2 of chapter 1 will be mandatory.

Non attending students will not choose any demand; the questions may concern all the chapters of the text, including the Preface.

The assessment of the interview will be carried out taking into consideration:

  • the knowledge of institutional profiles;
  • the ability to analyze the jurisprudential and doctrinal guidelines;
  • the ability to make connections between the different parts of the program;
  • the ability to develop critical arguments;
  • the exposure articulation;
  • the accuracy of the exposure.

Registration for the final exam must be done using the Almaesami application ( https://almaesami.unibo.it/almaesami/welcome.htm ).

Degree thesis

The degree thesis will be assigned by Prof. Margherita Pittalis after an interview.

Teaching tools

The teacher, in order to clarify legal concepts, will explain in classroom contractual forms and cases (available in section “Course unit teaching material” on the Professor website Alma DL).

Students which need compensatory tools for reasons of disability or Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) will communicate to the teacher their needs so as to be directed to the dedicated person and arrange on the adoption of the most appropriate measures.

Office hours

See the website of Margherita Pittalis