76402 - Hydrokinesitherapy - (IM)

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2019/2020

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the student acquires theoretical knowledge on the principles of hydrodynamics and on the effects of therapeutic exercise in water. Realize direct experiences of hydrokinesitherapy, using the main equipment

Course contents

Main physical characteristics of water

Postures in water

Principles of treatment in water and physiological and therapeutic effects


Characteristics of the systems and methods of access to the tank Evaluation of the patient

Adaptation to water

Rehabilitative strategies

Preparatory sequential approach

Therapeutic indications

Practical tests


A.Broglio, V. Colucci "Riabilitazione in acqua" Edi Ermes

P.Benelli, M.Zanazzo "Idrokinesiterapia.Manuale di riabilitazione in acqua" Ibs

Cavuoto, Mangiarotti "L'idrokinesiterapia. Metodo A.P.S." Edizioni Martina

Teaching methods

pratical tests in swimming pool

frontal lessons

Assessment methods

pratical tests


Teaching tools

power point presentation

pratical tests

Office hours

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