73449 - Drawing T (A-K) (L-Z)

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2019/2020

Learning outcomes

At the end of the module the student has mastery of the methods and techniques of representation, indispensable for exploring the different ways of graphic and visual representation. Through the survey of existing artefacts the student develops the appropriate prefiguring and univocal identification of new forms, preparatory to product design and its image, for dissemination and communication purposes.

Teaching methods

The adopted method for the development of students' skills is based on the combination of lectures / drawing training. Students will be guided in the process of learning the graphic and regulatory codes of the representation and surveying of design products - technical aspect -, and then develop a personal character in the quick sketch aimed at defining the project and rendering - expressive aspect -.

To develop these skills it is necessary that each student always leads to class and to the final exam:

- an A4 format album with rings and a hard cover (strictly white sheets without lines or squares) to redraw what projected and / or drawn on the blackboard and to create the eidotypes of the object chosen for the final exercise.

- a packet of A3 sheets (strictly white sheets without squaring, smooth finish) with descriptive geometry exercises

- A1 format tables describing the chosen object

- the object chosen for the final exercise

Office hours

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