03110 - Health Organisation (BO)

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Academic Year 2019/2020

Learning outcomes

At the end of the module the student has the knowledge related to the organizational context in which the physiotherapist operates. He knows the most significant aspects of the main laws and regulations that govern the Italian health system and the figure of the physiotherapist. He also knows the main concepts of the sociology of work according to the different theoretical approaches: the division of labor, employment, profession and competence. He knows the impact of organizational change on the skills of the health worker and the historical evolution of the health professions.

Course contents

1. The context in which personal services are developed

2. Health determinants, health policies and assistance policies

3. Financing of expenditure and economic models in the health sector

4. The healthcare system in Italy: birth, development, modifications

5. Structure and organization of the Italian public health system

6. Main organizational guidelines of the Emilia Romagna health system

7. The funding and allocation mechanisms of the national health system fund

8.Healthcare organizations: analysis tools, features and peculiarities

9. Systemic analysis as a tool for reading and redesigning the organization

10. Operating mechanisms: planning, budget, reporting

11. Selection, insertion, evaluation, continuous training of health professionals

12. Health demand and rehabilitation supply structure

13. Hospitals for care intensity, focused hospitals, intermediate care and chronicity management

14. The dimensions of the qualities and the choice of indicators in physiotherapy

15. The regulatory development of health professions: from the concept of auxiliary to professional autonomy

16. The exercise of the profession of Physiotherapist in a dependent and free-lance regime

17. Ethics and deontology: the deontological code of the Physiotherapist

Teaching methods

Frontal lessons

Assessment methods

Preparation of a paper on an organizational case and oral interview on the contents of the discipline

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