39193 - Seminar 3 (IM)

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2019/2020

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the student has the knowledge and ability to understand the operational tools which could provide specialist care in palliative care and end of life at any age group .

Course contents

1. The concept of palliative care: definition and objectives 2. The bases neurofisiopatologiche and psychological aspects of the painful experience 3. Technical evaluation of pain. 4. Elements of pain therapy medical and instrumental; 5. therapies analgesic physiotherapy 6. The acute and chronic pain: the pathophysiology, clinical, organizational and rehabilitation of patients with post-operative pain. 7. What is the rehabilitation / physical therapy in oncology 8. The legislation regulating palliative care 9. rehabilitation centers oncology and oncology networks in Italy 10. Multidisciplinary oncology 11. The rehabilitation needs in breast cancer 12. The needs in the rehabilitation of limb lymphedema after lymph node dissection for cancer 13. The needs rehabilitation in tumors of the chest 14. The rehabilitation needs in colorectal cancer 15. The rehabilitation needs in cancer of head and neck 16. The needs rehabilitation in urogenital cancers 17. The rehabilitation needs in the primary sarcomas of the bone 18. The needs rehabilitation in pediatric oncology 19. The needs rehabilitation in neuro-oncology and neurotoxicity induced by cancer treatments 20. The rehabilitation needs in advanced malignancies: rehabilitation, palliative 21. The psychological needs of people with cancer and chronic evolution and their caregivers


The teacher will provide the student who requests it, the library materials (publications, journal titles and books)

Teaching methods

Lectures with video projector support

Assessment methods

Oral exam

Teaching tools

PC and video projector

Office hours

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