39193 - Seminar 3 (BO)

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Academic Year 2019/2020

Learning outcomes

After completing this module the student has the knowledge and the ability to understand the operational instruments to provide specialized assistance in palliative and end-of-life care in each age group.

Course contents


Definition of palliative care according to the fundamental documents: *Palliative care physiotherapist’s Core Curriculum *WHO documents *EACP documents *European Parliament documents *Law 38/2010 - Definition and goals of the Concurret Palliative Care – the first structured movements – Cicely Saunders: life, scientific approach to the treatment of pain and symptoms in the terminal phase of life, clinical research, health care complex program (home care, day care, inpatient care) - Development of palliative care in Italy: Law 39/79 and Law 38/2010 – Libro Bianco degli Hospice- Development of palliative care in Emilia Romagna (and specially in Bologna) – Palliative care and the quality of life - Charter of Rights of the Dying – Palliative care and End-of-life Care: * The death trajectories in terminal diseases * how to recognize a patient at the end of life (the basic question) * the imminent death syndrome * the model of care for the patient at the end of life * the symptom control (pain, delirium, breathlessness, wheeze, nausea and vomiting) * the total pain * the reshaping of interventions - the spiritual needs - palliative care and physiotherapy: * the competencies map * the empathy * the touch - rehabilitative approaches in oncology - the four aspects that the physiotherapist should consider: * the specific skills * the specific activity concerning the symptoms on which it is possible to act more (asthenia and fatigue, dysphagia, dyspnea, lymphedema, bone metastases) * methods of intervention and paperwork * sharing with the work team 


www.sicp.it www.eapcnet.eu www.fondhs.org www.asmepa.org www.leniterapia.it

C. Saunders. "Vegliate con me" Itinerari EDB

F. Ostaseski. "Saper accompagnare" Oscar Mondadori

il Core Curriculum del Fisioterapista in Cure Palliative


Teaching methods

Lectures with slides and videos.

Visit to the Hospice and the Accademia delle Scienze di Medicina Palliativa in Bentivoglio (Bo).


Assessment methods

It is required a paper about the main features of palliative care as seen  during the lectures, our visit to the Hospice and the Accademia delle Scienze di Medicina Palliativa in Bentivoglio and from reading following books: C. Saunders. "Vegliate con me" Itinerari EDB    F. Ostaseski. "Saper accompagnare" Oscar Mondadori.

Teaching tools

PC and projector

Office hours

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