32207 - Seminar 2 (BO)

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2019/2020

Learning outcomes

At the end of the module the student has the knowledge and the ability to include the main pathologies of medical-sporting interest, the adaptations induced by the physical practice, the instrumental diagnostic aspects, the functional evaluation and the specific physiotherapy treatment.

Course contents

- The role of the Physiotherapist in sports and the definition of injury

- Functional recovery in 5 phases: resolution of inflammation and recovery R.O.M.

- Functional recovery in 5 phases: recovery of strength, coordination and specific technical gesture

- Muscle injuries in sportsmen

- The cartilage of the knee: how to re-educate yourself in the gym

-The cartilage of the knee: how to re-educate in the pool (video) c / o Isokinetic

- The cartilage of the knee: how to re-educate in the field (video) c / o Isokinetic

- Basic principles for re-educating the shoulder joint complex c/ o Isokinetic

- Rehabilitation after ACL reconstruction

- Knee: rehabilitation of the meniscus

- Re-education after the distortion of Tibio Tarsica


Recommended in-depth text:

Peggy A. Houglum , “Therapeutic Exercice for muscoloskeletal injuries”, Third edition, , Human Kinetics.

Teaching methods

Lectures, practical exercises and viewing of video material

Assessment methods

Practical exam and written quiz with multiple choice tests

Teaching tools

PC and Video projector

Office hours

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