39183 - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Rheumathology and Geriatrics (IM)

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Academic Year 2019/2020

Learning outcomes

After completing this module the student will have the ability to apply knowledge and understanding related to geriatric diseases and rheumatologic likely to physio-chinesiterapico treatment, identifying preventive and rehabilitative needs of the subject through the evaluation of clinical data

Course contents

REHABILITATION GERIATRIC (Identify what are the "needs" of the older person. Define the concepts of life expectancy and life expectancy without disabilities to balance available resources with the constant increase in care demand. Describe what are the most frequent chronic diseases they are found in the elderly, as they interfere with each other and how the set of poly-pathologies can result in reduced activities and to recognize the most obvious symptoms (Concept of frail elderly, comorbidity). Analysis of fall risk factors in ' elderly. the multidimensional geriatric assessment and evaluation of motor impairment. the immobilization syndrome. the foot in the elderly: aging, rheumatic foot, spastic foot. Knowing the social care network for the elderly. Describe the legal implications of the application of restraint physics in the elderly at risk of harm to himself or others
- DISEASES OF THE SPINE: low back pain and sciatica, herniated discs, spinal canal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, neck pain, back pain




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Teaching methods

Frontal lessons

Assessment methods

Verification of learning takes place through the only final exam which ensures the acquisition of the knowledge and skills expected by carrying out a written test lasting 1 hour, including open questions and multiple choice tests.

During the test, teaching materials such as books, notes or electronic media will not be allowed.

Teaching tools

Using PC and video projector

Office hours

See the website of Donatella Brillanti Ventura