39173 - Seminar 1 (IM)

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2019/2020

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the student knows the organization of the activities carried out at the premises visited during the Seminar .

Course contents


-Introduction to Neuropsychology: definition and historical outline - Attention: basic processes of attention, attention disorders in vascular and traumatic cerebral lesions. Overview of cognitive rehabilitation and clinical case presentation.

- Visuospatial deficits: Neglect and constructive apraxia. Overview of rehabilitation and presentation of clinical cases.

- Memory: Short-Term Memory, Long-Term Memory, Learning Processes, Consolidation, Re-enactment. Mnesic function disorders in vascular, traumatic and post-anoxic lesions. Overview of rehabilitation.

- Disease awareness disorders: explicit and implicit awareness. Implications of missing awareness in the recovery of autonomy. Description of clinical cases.

- Apraxia: description of the apraxical disorders, clinical forms of apraxia. Overview of rehabilitation.

- Language in patients with brain injury: Neurological bases of language. Disorders of speech and language. Aphasia. Overview of rehabilitation and presentation of clinical cases.


-Manuale di Neuropsicologia, G. Vallar, C. Papagno, Il Mulino, 2007

Teaching methods

frontal lectures and clinical cases

Assessment methods

written test

Teaching tools

PC and video projector

Office hours

See the website of Paola Manco