35529 - Care and Management of Companion Animals

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2019/2020

Learning outcomes

Students are taught about the breeding and feeding techniques for dogs and cats. Students will be also taught about morphology of the most important canine and feline breeds, the criteria of choice of the most appropriate food, and the most frequent problems in the breeding of puppies and kittens.

Course contents

The breed organizations. Aspects of canine and feline morphology. The genetics of the cat's fur. Description and evaluation of the main canine and feline breeds. The morphological assessment of dogs and cats. Feeding regimens; quality and utilization of petfood. The labelling of pet food. Major genetic diseases of dogs and cats.


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Teaching methods

Frontal lectures and practical exercises

Assessment methods

Student assessment consists of a written test followed by an oral interview

Teaching tools

Personal computer and video projector

Office hours

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