02571 - Aviculture

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2019/2020

Learning outcomes

The student must know the situation of the major poultry production (broilers, laying hens and turkeys); the student must acquire knowledge concerning the phases of livestock as well as key aspects of nutrition and feeding of this specie.

Course contents

Importance and situation of poultry production.

Breeds and hybrids of poultry


Egg production (management of pullet and laying hens)

Production of poultry for slaughter

Production of turkey for slaughter


1) Broiler management guide Cobb 500 (1995). The Cobb Breeding Company, UK.

2) Guida alla conduzione degli incubatoi (1992). The Cobb Breeding Company, UK.

3) ROSS 308, parent stock management manual (2001). Aviagen Incorporated, USA www.aviagen.com

4) ROSS broiler management manual, Broiler 508 (2002). Aviagen Incorporated, USA.

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7) Richard E. Austic, Malden C. Nesheim, "Poultry Production", Thirteen Edition; Lea&Febiger, United States, 1990.

Teaching methods

Theoretical  lesson

Pratical work

Assessment methods

The evaluation of the student on teaching course "Poultry and Rabbit Production" consists of a written and / or oral examination.

  Written examination

  15 Multiple Choice Questions      max 20 points

 For each question, several possible answer choices will be listed. The student select the choice (variable from 1 to 4) that best answers the question

2 Short answer questions             max 12 points

 In a short answer question the student  given a brief description of issue


 ·          Oral examination

  the oral examinationis compulsory for students who have not taken the written exam. Students who have passed the written exam with a score higher than 25/30 can be exempted oral examination

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