39167 - Physiotherapy in Paediatrics (BO)

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2019/2020

Learning outcomes

After completing this module the student will haove the abilitiy to apply knowledge and understanding of the essential patterns of interpretation of motor development, the motor behavior of the child and its variabilty.Locate the preventive and rehability needs of the child with the main developmental desorders through the various evaluation methods.He knows the tools used to acheve the objectives   identified.He knows how to pla and carry out of interventions aimed at satisfying the aforementined needs.

Course contents

Rehabilittion and habilittion of the premature newborn

Neonatal care

childhodd paralysis definition of the main clinics form, rehabilitation stting, assestenent of the child of PCI rehabilitation project, as forms with poverty of movement, diskynetics form, parallels of cilinic form and tratment goals.

Majoor assasment scales

Obstetric paralysis, evaluation of impairment    and disability assesment


Functinal evalation of the cilinical pattern

Therapeutic goals

Physioterapy strategies  suitable for aaaaaaaachieving objectives


Giannoni Zerbino Fuori Schema Sperling editore

Bobathb and Bobath k.Lo sviluppo motorio nei diversi tipi di pci Ghedini Milano

Ferrari A Storia naturale delle paralisi cerebrali infantili e orientamenti riabilitativi 2008 Del Cerro

Ferrari A Cioni g. Paralisi cerebrali infabtitli orientamenti riabilitativi 2008 2° edizione Del cerro

Teaching methods

Lectures and exercises

Video and Bobath card

Project riabilitative setting withproblem solving


Assessment methods

Oral examination

Teaching tools

36 hours lessons including 12 h video

1 group work with definition of cilinical form and the main problem

Links to further information

http://studio delle principali patologie in età evolutiva con particolare riferimento alle fasi che compongono il ragionamento clinico

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