08325 - Principle of Economics

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Academic Year 2019/2020

Learning outcomes

The course aims at providing students with the basic tools of economics.The lectures will deal with the main principles behind the behavior of economic agents and the functioning of markets. The explanation of economic theories will be joined with the illustration of case studies and real-life examples.

Course contents

Teaching materials are available on the Insegnamenti Online (https://iol.unibo.it/) platform.


Frank-Bernanke-McDowell-Thom-Pastine, Principi di Economia, McGraw-Hill, 2012 (4a ed. italiana).

Teaching methods

Each topic will be covered at a theoretical level, but a discussion of practical cases and examples will follow. Students will have the possibility to continuously check their understanding by solving the exercises that will be made available on the course website. A teaching assistant will regularly meet the students and focus mainly on solving exercises and numerical applications.

Assessment methods

See further instructions on Insegnamenti Online (https://iol.unibo.it/)

Teaching tools

Insegnamenti Online (https://iol.unibo.it/) contains a detailed course syllabus, slides of lectures, reading material, exercises and solutions, exams results and messages to students.

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