09127 - Radioprotection (BO)

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Academic Year 2019/2020

Learning outcomes

At the end of the module the student will be able to use the knowledge and the ability to understand notions related to the radiation protection of man, the environment and things.

Course contents

Investigation techniques in diagnostic radiology: Traditional radiology, CT, MRI, Ultrasound: what they use to obtain radiological images.
Outline of the history of radiation protection and the legislative framework of reference for the protection of health and the environment: from the discovery of X-rays to accidental events.
Biological damage in the short and long term
General rules on work and health (Constitution, Civil Code, Criminal Code) European Directive and national legislation. The current legislation, definitions, structure, areas: the legislative decrees 106/09, 230/95 and 241/00.
Ionizing radiation and interactions with matter.
Corpuscular radiation.
Effects of ionizing radiation: stochastic (somatic and genetic) damage and deterministic damage.
Irradiation in utero. "Chronic" and late effects of radiation.
Radiation protection doctrine: physical and medical surveillance of radiation protection in health workers.
Radiation protection doctrine: principles of radioprotection of the patient


Various Authors "AIRM Guidelines - Medical surveillance of workers exposed to ionizing radiation"
Legislative Decree 230/95

Teaching methods

teaching lesson with video projector and discussion with the learners

Assessment methods

Oral examination

Teaching tools

PC and video projector
white paper board

Office hours

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