03848 - Medical Statistics

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Academic Year 2019/2020

Learning outcomes

At the end of the module the student has knowledge of the basic principles of statistical planning and medicine inference, is able to analyze a population in various and possible distributions. The student knows the guidelines for carrying out a research and sampling plan, knows how to represent the data obtained correctly, how to correctly interpret the data obtained by inference; Also knows the various frequency distributions.

Course contents

Descriptive statistics: central trend measures, dispersion measures

Some basic concepts on probability: elementary properties of probability, probability distributions for discrete variables, distribution

Binomial, Poisson and probability distribution for continuous variables. Normal distribution. Estimates: confidence intervals for

An average population and confidence intervals for each statistical technique. Test of hypothesis: independent sample testing and paired data.

Analysis of variance. Linear and multiple regression, classical correlation. Regression analysis: logistic regression. Chi-square Distribution:

Frequency analysis. Non-parametric tests: Wicoxon, Mann-Whitney, Kruskal-Wallis. Population and clinical trials, epidemiological indicators:

Prevalence, incidence, risk (absolute, relative and attributable), odds ratio, mortality rates and relationships, morbidity measures. Sensitivity and specificity of the diagnostic tests in the light of 1st and 2nd type errors. Positive and negative predictive value of diagnostic tests in the light of the probability of conditioning. The cut-off Curve ROC


Statistica per discipline Biomediche

Stanton A. Glanz

Edizione McGraw-Hill

Teaching methods

Frontal lectures with slide support and, if necessary, blackboard for mathematical explanations

Assessment methods

Written test test with 15 questions answered closed, passing the exam with 10 correct answers, each correct answer +2.2 wrong or no answer -0.8 which corresponds to

10 correct answers 18/30

11 correct answers 21/30

12 correct answers 24/30

13 correct answers 27/30

14 correct answers 30/30

15 correct answers 30 and praise

Teaching tools

Slides of downloadable lessons and during the course a few hours will be devoted to the application of statistical concepts with exercises with the teacher

Office hours

See the website of Ada Dormi