39201 - Laboratory Practice 2

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2019/2020

Learning outcomes

To deepen the concepts of basic statistics, with particular attention to the use of critical values of normal distribution and Student distribution t, regression line and its interpretation for validation of methods and techniques used in laboratories, Reliability / Reliability of a result or a method. Fiduciary limits of 95% probability, variation coefficient, repeatability and reproducibility. the ordinal error or differential error. Sensitivity, specificity and ROC curve. Sensitivity and detection limit using the calibration line. Specific errors and acceptable limits.

Control cards: control limits or action and limits of attention

Course contents

Teaching methods

frontal lectures with slide support and, if necessary, blackboard for mathematical explanations

Assessment methods

Quiz written task with 15 questions answered closed, 10 correct answers to the suitability


Teaching tools

During the course some hours will be devoted to the application of statistical concepts with exercises with the teacher

slides of the course

Office hours

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