14041 - Biochemistry Lab-based Course (C1A)

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2019/2020

Learning outcomes

The students acquire methodological and application-oriented skills to integrate their knowledge in the topics of the Chemistry and Biochemistry lectures.

Course contents

Chemical behaviour of different ions (metal character, amphoteric character, ions of transition metals) in aqueous solutions. Precipitation reactions. Formation of complexes. Redox reactions.

pH indicators.

Acid-base titrations: strong acid-strong base (followed with the use of a pH-indicator); weak acid-strong base (potentiometric titration). The choice of indicator and its color changes as a function of pH. Elaboration of the obtained experimental data. Determination of the ionization constant of a weak acid (Ka). Composition and properties of buffer solutions.

Benedict's test for reducing sugars.


K.J. Denniston, J.J. Topping, R.L. Caret “Chimica generale Chimica Organica Propedeutica Biochimica” Ed. McGraw-Hill

A. Bertoluzza et al. “Guida allo studio della Chimica” Ed. Esculapio.

Teaching material can be downloaded through Insegnamenti online - Supporto online alla didattica (https://iol.unibo.it/).

Laboratory procedures will be available for each student during practical laboratory exercises as well as on line.

Teaching methods

Lecture (2 hours) on the general issues related to laboratory activity: safety, basic laboratory equipment, preliminary introduction and demonstration of laboratory exercises, data processing. The course also includes practical laboratory exercises (2 hours for each student, Laboratory at Via S. Giacomo 14) aimed at developing basic skills required to carry out laboratory activities and verifying through experiments some of the topics presented during the lectures of chemistry.

Assessment methods

Report on the practical laboratory exercises: titration curve of acetic acid and calculations (acid concentration and Ka).

Teaching tools

Laboratory at Via S. Giacomo 14; laboratory glassware and pH-meter.

Slides and videos.

Teaching material can be downloaded through Insegnamenti online - Supporto online alla didattica (https://iol.unibo.it/).

Office hours

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