37450 - Listed Companies Law

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Academic Year 2019/2020

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the student possesses an analytical knowledge and understanding of the Community and national discipline on the capital markets and quoted issuers. Moving from the historical development of national and community legislation, the course considers in detail the application of the most traditional and consolidated legal interpretation methodologies, including, on certain aspects, the integrated approaches of Law and Economics and Law & Finance to the discipline of listed companies , Investment incentives, OPA, insider trading and market manipulation, market organization and watch. The student is able to measure the theoretical understanding achieved on a concrete level and to examine some recent jurisprudence cases.

Course contents

  1. The European and national capital market discipline
  2. Constitutional significance of equity investment and protection of savings
  3. Historical development of national and European legislation, up to the CMU
  4. European and Italian rules on listed companies
  5. European and Italian discipline on the controversy of corporate control
  6. European and Italian rules on appeal to public savings
  7. Insider trading and market manipulation
  8. European and Italian rules on market organization
  9. European and national supervision

The themes to be studied will be studied both in a functional perspective according to the economy method and in a comparison perspective compared to the US model


R. Costi, Il mercato mobiliare, Torino, Giappichelli (chapters: 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8).

Teaching methods

Lectures with slides and additional teaching material available on AMS Campus. The use of these materials in study and preparation for examination is to be considered as complementary and not substitute for the use of the manuals indicated.

There will be testimonies of experts of recognized reputation in the field.

If necessary, contact Dr. Francesca Pellegrini at the email address francesca.pellegrin7@unibo.it

Assessment methods

Written examination to ensure the understanding of the institutes.

To subscribe to the exam, you must sign up using the AlmaEsami application, with due regard for the deadlines provided. Those who failed to sign up by the due date are required to report in a timely manner (and in any case before the official closing of the enrollment lists) the problem with the teaching secretariat. It will be the faculty of the professor to admit those who did not sign up for the test.

Teaching tools

Slides, notes and judgments available on AMS Campus.

If necessary, contact Dr. Francesca Pellegrini at the email address francesca.pellegrin7@unibo.it

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