28666 - Business Creation Laboratory T-A

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2019/2020

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and direct experience of the process of formulating a technology based business idea and developing a business plan

Course contents

During the course will be discussed about:

- the definition of the business idea;

- market analysis through the Porter's five forces;

- the business team;

- the three business strategies;

- the financial statements: profits and loss account, statement of assets and liabilities and explanatory notes;

- the cash flow budget;

- marketing strategies: the concepts of market segmentation and positioning;

- operative marketing: product, price, communication and distribution


Teaching materials will be provided by the professor

Teaching methods

The teaching consists of six CFUs of which three CFUs of frontal lessons and three CFUs of activities carried out in the form of:

- group work done by students on case study,

- preparation of the business plan of its business idea,

- testimonials of consultants, professionals and entrepreneurs

Assessment methods

The final exam consists in the preparation and presentation of the business plan of an enterprise idea, drawn up by the students' team and presented to the teacher.

This verify method aims at evaluating the achievement of learning objectives:

- know the strengths and the weaks of your business idea

- know the threats and the market opportunities that you will face

- properly draft an economic and financial planning

Teaching tools

Teaching material: the lesson material will be available on the student's platform of University of Bologna 

Office hours

See the website of Fabrizio Bugamelli