89456 - Service Learning & Community Engagement Lab

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

The laboratory based on the methodology of service learning intends to favor an experiential learning (learning) and involves active engagement (service) within the community and work on a concrete problem identified in the context of a partnership between universities and community organizations / territorial services. At the end of the activity the student is able to conduct a context analysis in a real world setting, has experienced group work, knows the basic elements of the design of an intervention, has developed critically skills.

Course contents

 The course includes the following activities:

  • Illustration of principles, concepts and methods of service learning: community engagement, service, experiential learning;
  • Meeting with community stakeholders and illustration of the service learning opportunities available in the community;
  • Service Learning, experience in the field. Getting familiar with the context, the design of the interventions, their implementation and their assessment;
  • Group and individual supervision and consultation;
  • Public presentation of the experience to community stakeholders


References will be provided at the beginning and during the S-L activity, depending on the specific of the S-L project that students will develop.

Teaching methods

2 hours in the classroom (1 meeting), 20 hours of engagement in local services, 1 hour supervision, 3 hours in the classroom (final meeting public presentation of the experience to community stakeholders)

Service-Learning integrates the traditional learning with a "community engagement" experience on real-world issues through fieldwork. Methods used will be the following: short lectures, small group work, guided discussions, group supervision,  and dissemination with local stakeholders.


The course will begin Thursday, March 14 from 2pm to 5 pm,  Room 2 Viale Berti Pichat (Dept. of Psychology).

Fieldwork (20 hours) will be agreed with the tutors of the services involved.

Supervision meeting (1 hour) will be agreed with the participants

The final meeting (3 hours) will be agreed with the participants and the tutors involved.

Assessment methods

The student must complete a logbook on the activity carried out and a task assessment questionnaire (to be delivered within 15 days from the end of the workshop), a bibliographic note, with reference to the specific service learning experience. The final exam includes the assignment of a grade (from 0 to 30, to pass one must obtain at least 18/30), based on the completion of the tasks assigned and the quality of the bibliographic note.

Teaching tools

Video, web resources

Office hours

See the website of Cinzia Albanesi