16692 - Computer Science Lab-based Course (A)

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This teaching activity contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

Quality education Partnerships for the goals

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

At the end of the laboratory students have knowledge to understand the basic structure of Internet, the most important tool of the World Wide Web (e-mail, instant messaging, social networking, ...) and the debate on the knowledge and network society; they are also able to use ICT to find, assess, produce, present and exchange information and to communicate and participate to collaborative networks on Internet; they can analyze and evaluate critically tools and technologies for teaching and learning; they are able to use ICT for critical thinking, creativity and innovation; they are able to use ICT to design, document, monitor and assess activities.

Course contents

Erasmus students can contact the teacher to get more information: labs are in Italian, so it is fundamental to have at least a level A2 in Italian. Each lab is 24 hours and you must attend all lectures (only 25% of absence).

It is also possible to preparare some materials (blended learning activities) in order to get the 3 ECTS (contact the professor for more information).


This Blended Learning Laboratory aims to stimulate students to explore some useful online resources for the work of the educator. Knowing how to search for online video resources, creating a blog with video components, learning about some of the most useful online presentation/organization content tools will be the main actions that the student will perform.

Please, register at

to complete the blended learning programme (in Italian).

Summary of Learning Objectives:
• Know one or more useful online tools for educational / educational activity
• Know how to research themes on online resources
• Schematicize data and connect to others
• Explore online media publishing tools
For any information and clarification regarding the course program and the following activities, students can contact Dr. Alessandro Soriani (alessandro.soriani2@unibo.it).


COURSE CONTENTS (in presence)

Calendar are published online on Almaesami.

Group A: Pacetti
Online Resources for Education
Teacher: Elena Pacetti - elena.pacetti@unibo.it

The lab aims to know, analyze, evaluate and experiment the online education resources to understand the potential they can have in the educational and didactic field.


Teacher will give you recommended reading and other contents to study in digital form.

Teaching methods

This is a laboratory with practical exercises to be done during lectures and at home. It is recommended to follow the instructions of the teacher in order to obtain the "idoneità" (final evaluation). In particular, you will work individually (participating in a forum; creating a blog; creating conceptual maps) and in small group (producing a digital storytelling).

Assessment methods

This Laboratory does not have grade, but "idoneità" (pass/fail evaluation).

Each lab is made of 3 ECTS: there are 24 hours in presence (8 hours for each ECTS) and 51 hours of individual study (each ECTS is 25 hours).

To get the "Idoneità" (final evaluation) students must attend all 24 hours (with active participation) and provide all assignments request.

Teaching tools

Lectures are usually in the computer lab with pc and interactive whiteboard.

It is recommended to have a pc/laptop for the assignments to be done at home.

Office hours

See the website of Elena Pacetti