87294 - Mathematical Analysis T-B

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

Several real variables: differential and integral calculus; complex numbers; elements of curves abd surfaces in R^2 or R^3.

Course contents

1) Complex numbers.

2) Differential calculus in several real variables; applications to optimization.

3) Measure and integration in several variables.

4) Sequences and series of real numbers.

5) Curves and line integrals; surfaces and surface integrals.


G.C. Barozzi, G. Dore, E. Obrecht: Elementi di Analisi Matematica, Volume 1, Zanichelli Editore (Bologna), 2009

Teaching methods

Class lessons and exercises. Theoretical lectures; examples and exercises solved during the regular class lectures; exercises left to the student. Exercises regularly published in the institutional  campus site.

Assessment methods

Written and oral examinations. A detailed program for the oral part will be published in the institutional site. The written part of the examination will check the knowledge of ALL the topics presented in the exercises, regularly published on the dedicated site; in the written part, some questions may be posed on theoretical topics as well. During the oral examination, the student will be asked at least three theorems/proofs/examples/definitions, presented during the lectures.


3 exams in June/July

1 in September; 1 in January; 1 in February

Teaching tools

Regularly, exercises will be published on-line in the dedicated Unibo site. As for the preparation for the oral examination, at the end of the semester, a very-detailed list of the questions for the oral part will be published in the dedicated Unibo site.

Office hours

See the website of Andrea Bonfiglioli